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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Types of adjectives | 20 sentences using adjectives

Types of adjectives | 20 sentences using adjectives

types of adjectives, 20 sentences using adjectives
types of adjectives, 20 sentences using adjectives 


An Adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun / A word used with a noun to add something to its meaning.

Adjective may be used

a) Attributively
b) Predicatively

when an adjective is placed before the noun it is said to be used attributively.

1. It is a tall tree.
2. He is an obedient boy.

when an adjective forms part of the predicate. it is said to be used predicatively.

1. He is aware of the risk.
2. My boy is lazy.

Kinds of Adjectives

There are six kinds of Adjective

1. Adjective of Quality.
2. Adjective of Quantity.
3. Adjective of Number.
4. Distributive Adjective
5. Demonstrative Adjective
6. Interrogative Adjective

1. Adjective of Quality :

It shows the kind or a quality of a person or thing.

Eg. - 
India is a vast country.

2. Adjective of Quantity :

These adjectives denote {show} the quantity of a thing. some adjectives may be used as of quantity or number, according to their use.

Eg. -
The cat drank all the milk.

3. Adjective of Numbers

It is the word used to show how many persons or things are referred.

Kinds of numeral adjectives

a) Cardinals :
Three, Five, One, Ten, Six, Eight. They show rank or order of the person or thing.

b) Ordinals :
First, Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth.

Adjective of Numbers

Eg. - 
There was little petrol in the car.
I won two medals.
Our college ranks first in Mumbai.

4. Distributive Adjective :

Refer to each item of a particular group.

Eg. - 
Each boy had to make a chart.

5. Demonstrative Adjective : 

Point out to the person or thing meant.

These rooms are well ventilated.

6. Interrogative Adjective : 

Are used with the nouns to ask questions.

Eg. -
Which game do you like?

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